Black & Natural Walnut Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

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 Product Description

This exquisite, used Herman Miller Eames lounge chair and ottoman consists of a sheen black leather coating with substantial foamed-fill cushions. This vast improvement from feather filled cushions to synthetic foamed filled one will maximise the comfort you need. Beautifully varnished, this expensive, sandy walnut wood has a distinctive slight knot pattern which is the main characteristic of this Eames lounge chair set.

Additionally, the modification from original rosewood to this dazzling, tan walnut wood has modernised the Eames lounge chair and ottoman. The boost in its durability makes it versatile and a decorative feature in a 21st century homes.

 Individual Characteristics

This used, authentic lounge chair and ottoman are in robust condition with minor scratches on the wood. The height is standard, and there are subtle aged components that requires a minimal inspection, as the leather does need some maintenance work- further images are available upon request.

The Black label suggests that this was produced in 2009-current.

 Investment Value

This original Eames lounge chair is a 5th generation production, and despite the change of wood veneer from the original rosewood panelling, the brown walnut wood alternative still is considered a brilliant investment. Using walnut wood adds to the value of the chair, and the filled black cushions make it less likely for them to go shapeless, ultimately retaining the initial shape for a very long time.