Ash Herman Miller Original Eames CTW Circular Coffee Table

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Product Description

Another one of the innovative plywood pieces from the dynamic due, Charles and Ray Eames. This beautiful ash CTW coffee table for Herman Miller drew upon the Eames Office’s work on plywood and was offered alongside the likes of the iconic chairs.

The plywood pieces were the results of Charles’s dream to produce furniture from 1 flowing piece of molded plywood. It was not completely achievable, due to the stresses endured by bending wood in multiple directions, but the results were some of the most iconic and revolutionary pieces to come out of the ‘Mid-Century’ era of design.

The CTW table was a relatively simple piece, with its legs simply bolted to the top, but this simple style is what makes it so elegant. It is as happy sitting comfortably at home as it is in a giant company reception space, it really is that versatile!

Individual Characteristics

This particular table is a great example of an early to mid-2000s piece. This means it does have some natural wear to it, which is to be expected, but it is still solid and sturdy and the top is still beautifully grainy.

The black oval ‘Eames’ label on the underside confirms this is a mid-2000s Herman Miller piece.

Investment Details

The Eames plywood collection are highly coveted pieces, original Evan’s DCMs for example command a high investment value. The tables too can carry the same interest due to their significance within the Plywood family. Being a later version, this table is not as highly valued as a vintage piece, however, it is a great chance to own an original piece for a more reasonable price.