White Ash Herman Miller Original Eames Molded Plywood DCM Dining Chair Black Metal Base

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Product Description

A gorgeous example of an Eames moulded plywood dining chair. This original DCM by Herman Miller is finished in a rather exquisite white ash wood on black frame. The light finish of the wood is complimented by the powder coated stark black of the trivalent frame, creating a truly stunning version of this iconic chair.

The Eames’s dream of a moulded plywood chair constructed from 1 piece of wood could not be managed at the time due to manufacturing limitations. However, their efforts resulted in arguably some of the most inspiring and comfortable all-wood chair designed. The series began with the DCW and LCW and the DCM and LCM were introduced later which swapped the wooden frames for the metal.

Herman Miller have faithfully continued these iconic chairs and have also included upholstered versions – see our amazing aniline red DCW with brown cushions – to create a good variety of options for these inspiring chairs. This particular version creates a different atmosphere to the usual deep wood colours provided but still retains the excellent natural grain of the wood.

Individual Characteristics

As a bright variant of the iconic plywood range, this used newer version is in great condition with only some small signs of natural use.

The black base is also in good condition, there are some small sections which display its previous use but overall it is in good condition.

This unique finish is very difficult to find outside of the USA.

The sticker on the underside indicates this is a newer Herman Miller example.

Investment Details

As Eames’ enthusiasts, we always try to find the best examples of their work. Whilst newer examples of their products may not necessarily be the exact same as the vintage originals, with new colours/finishes/variants available, we believe they still envisage the original vision the Eames’s had. This means that, whilst not as immediately seen as an investment prospect, these versions may become ones due to the quality of the construction and because of what they stand for. This may be a fairly new example of this amazing product but it could prove to be a good investment.

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