Beige Bush Original Bakelite Portable TR82C Transistor Radio

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Product Description

A classic piece of history. This is an original Bush Bakelite TR82C portable transistor radio in a rather classy beige finish designed by Ogle Design in 1959. Bush were synonymous with excellent British radios in their day and this particular design saw them maintain this dominance with its handy portable capability.

With the typical 50s design, this piece really evokes the design style of the time echoing similar styles coming out of the United States. Bush have gone through a few manifestations in their time but are still today strongly associated with the electronics industry which all began with the innovate designs such as this beautiful piece.

Individual Characteristics

The radio is in a good used condition but it does display a crack on the back which does not seem too impactful but is very noticeable.

Sadly the aerial is no longer with the radio so we cannot verify the radio is working.

Investment Details

Mid-century design has seen a resurgence recently due to the timelessness of how things were designed and finished. The quality of the built-to-last approach, we believe, has also helped with the popularity of the various designs that were produced in this time. This particular radio harks to the beginning of portability; the ability to take your music wherever you want. As a rather used example of this, it may not prove to be a great investment piece, but as a piece of history, it is excellent!