Birch Veneer Herman Miller Original Eames Desk Unit

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Product Description

This rare Herman Miller Eames Desk Unit (EDU) offers more than just arresting good looks: it’s designed and built to meet your storage, surface and office needs. Charles and Ray Eames designed this to not only facilitate storage but to also provide a rather unique design to add to your office.

Charles and Ray Eames first designed this Desk Unit (EDU) back in 1950 before it was halted in 1955 whereby no more were produced again until 1996. Fortunately for us, they are still being produced!

These desk units are offered in two different colour schemes, bright or neutral. This excellent edition uses a red coloured finish on the back of the drawer.

Individual Characteristics

The birch veneer finish is excellent. There are no signs of indentation from writing though only has some very small reflections of its age

The legs are in good condition too with only minimal age-related wear.

The oblong label on the back of the drawer indicates that the desk ages from the last ten years.

The desk measures: 29 inches high x 60 inches wide x 28 inches deep.

Investment Details

Newer Desk Units don't always command as high a price as they deserve, unless they are rarer configurations. Rarer ones will hold and grow in value nicely.

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