Black & Cherry Herman Miller Eames Original Lounge Chair & Ottoman

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Product Description

An example of a used, original vintage Black and Cherry Herman Miller Eames lounge chair and matching ottoman set. This gorgeous set consists of premium, lush black leather, with fully padded cushions, enclosed on this deep, cherry wood panels. Black and Cherry wood lounge chair is a timeless classic combo, an investment piece that will last you a lifetime. 

This Herman Miller Eames lounge chair set is truly a worthwhile investment piece. Likewise, it provides the ultimate comfort, as the cushions include extra padding for you to relax your whole body and enjoy the moment. Since the discontinuation of Brazilian Rosewood due to its endangerment, the Eames Herman Miller Lounger set now comes in various wood to suit your tastes, from Santos to Walnut to Ebony.  

Individual Characteristics

This cherry wood on the chair is still in very good condition. As with age, there are some minor scratches, particularly on the rounded wood pannels. The colour of the wood is well polished and of a rich, dark, cherry colour, and the black cushions are plumped and provides excellent support. Further images are available upon request.

Investment Value

As with the older release of Herman Miller Eames lounge chair and ottoman, this newer edition remains a worthwhile investment when considering the good condition that it’s still in. Loungers are always going to be a very good investment, as the value will certainly always increase. The frame of the lounge chair is still high quality, alongside the colour of the beautiful cherry still vibrant in its nature, this lounge chair would be considered as a valuable investment.