Black Herman Miller Original Eames EA418 ‘Soft Pad’ Desk Alu Chair

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Product Description

A black original Eames Soft Pad EA418 Aluminum Desk Chair for Herman Miller does show a long life with strong signs of age but would make a great project chair! This chair has great potential, with a little bit of love and attention it will prove to be a great desk chair once more either at home or in the office!

The Eames desk chair has stood as one of the most popular office chairs for nearly 60+ years and it is easy to see why! Literally an updated version of the original ‘ribbed’ version of the desk chair, the ‘soft pad’ version comes with the added cushions applied to the chair creating a more comfortable chair.

The Aluminum range from the Eames Office were a truly impactful design. Versions of the chairs are still used in many offices across the globe and the lounge style chair proves to be just as popular. With the introduction of the ‘Soft Pad’ series a good few years after the first Aluminum chairs were produced, the range has seen a steady dominance within the office based furniture division.

Individual Characteristics

This chair is 30 years old and it does show this rather a bit; there is a cut in the seat leather and the edges have got sizeable marks to them too with one displaying another cut. The cushioning could also do with being refreshed too.

The chair still has its manual height adjustability, swivel capability and tilts, but it is missing the tilt tensioner.

Though it may look aged; as a project, you could not look for anything better.

The chair is stamped 1990.

Investment Details

The aluminum range have always retained a good value, mainly helped by their original, high, starting price. Once restored, this chair should prove to be a good investment piece.