Black Herman Miller Original George Nelson Swag Leg Coffee Table

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Product Description

This is a gorgeous example of an original, black laminated, newer, George Nelson for Herman Miller Swag Leg coffee table with a beautifully polished aluminium base. This would make the perfect, stylish, addition to any home or reception space with its timeless, classic, look. With the introduction of the blacktop, this table has managed to move effortlessly with the times.

The Swag series was introduced in 1954 and included a desk, dining table, work table and a chair. It was later that the coffee table was introduced along with a side table. Herman Miller has continued these iconic designs today and they still look ultra-modern and still work in a myriad array of environments.

Individual Characteristics

This table is a great example of a used newer table. It does have a big crack on the side of the table, and further images are available upon request. Overall, it is still a very good functional table, with gorgeous, black laminate.

The label on the underside identifies this as a newer example by Herman Miller.

The table measures roughly 41cm high and roughly 72cm in diameter.

Investment Details

George Nelson’s work is highly sought after. Much like the other designers of his era, he helped revolutionize furniture design in the 40s, 50s and 60s. Being a newer example, this particular swag leg coffee table is not as highly rated in its investment prospects as the older examples, but it should retain its value nicely.