Black Set (4) Herman Miller Original Eames Leather EA335 Office Alu Group Chair

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Product Description

A fantastic set of 4 matching Eames Herman Miller black leather Eames EA335 Alu Group Office Chair on adjustable castor base in super condition. Perfect for any office environment, these great condition chairs are the perfect example of the Eames aluminium range and are in great condition. This particular set is the ‘Management’ edition due to its having the adjustable castor base; which still works very well.

These are a later addition to the Eames aluminium range which began life as both an indoor and outdoor chair. The design of these chairs make them perfect for the office workspace due to their being comfortable, practical and stylish chairs.

Individual Characteristics

The leather on these chairs is in excellent condition with no cuts or tears. The aluminium arms and bases are in good condition with only natural signs of wear reflective of the chairs age.

Investment Details

Alu Group office chairs in condition such as these always retain a highly desirable status and never depreciate in value. They will always be a fine investment as they are always so popular and in-demand.

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