Black Set (6) Plycraft Original Lou App Pretzel Plywood Arm and Side Chairs

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Product Description

One of the most debated designs of the midcentury era; Norman Cherner’s original Plywood Pretzel Dining Chair was an iconic piece produced by Plycraft Furniture. This beautiful set of arm and side chairs finished in black leather exude with the subtle plywood mouldings that make this design look so magnificent.  

Made famous by its appearance of the front cover in the Saturday Evening Post by Norman Rockwell in 1961 the chair also became known as the ‘Rockwell Chair’. The original design; however, began from Herman Miller’s own George Nelson who designed the ‘Pretzel Chair’ but the design was scrapped in 1957 after being deemed ‘to brittle’ to continue production.

The design was then subcontracted to Plycraft Furniture to attempt production; being a company adept with producing Plywood furniture, and they used Cherner’s design adaptations of Nelson’s original design to strengthen the design and produced the chair from there, without Cherner’s knowledge!

Individual Characteristics

These chairs are the later version from the 1980s which saw a generational change in the thickness of the 'necks' of the back rest. These were credited to Lou App.

The chairs in an aged but good condition. The oak wood is good but with some signs of scratches and general use. The pads have been reconditioned in top quality black leather.

The chairs are some of the last produced chairs placing them in the late 70s/early 80s.

Investment Details

Cherner chairs are an iconic example of his original intent; low cost furniture that looks good. The design was typical of its era (when we think about the Eames plywood chairs too) and they still look exceptionally modern today! This means that, as an investment piece, this matching set should prove to be a good collection to have.