Black Ships - Rare Original Vintage Charles Eames 16mm Film Reel 1970

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Product Description


This is an original Charles Eames 16mm film reel for the picture of the full name Black Ships: The Story of Commodore Perry's Expedition to Japan Told with Japanese Pictures of the Time! 

Charles' inspiration for this film came from the Smithsonian institute's display of Japanese wooden carvings depicting the arrival of Commodore Perry to Japan, subsequently opening up key historical trade routes. It was known Charles was particularly interested in the contrast of the cultures upon the original voyages.

This is a relatively long film at just under 8 minutes and was released into general circulation however original copies are now very difficult to find.

Individual Characteristics

The film and metal containers are in fantastic condition and this remains a collectible and usable original Charles Eames film reel release.

Investment Details

Finding original film reels of Charles Eames films is very rare and the condition of this excellent and historical picture makes it a super investment and very interesting collectible piece.