Blue And White Herman Miller Vintage Eames DSR Side Chair With Alexander Girard Upholstery

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Product Description

This beautifully upholstered blue and white checker vintage Eames and Herman Miller side shell makes a great chair sat upon its updated, used, white DSR base. The original Alexander Girard fabric works perfectly with the white of the shell which still looks modern and extremely stylish today.

Fiberglass original shells always have a base colour and gorgeous 'visible' fibers in the shell itself. These particular shells have retained their strong white finish which still show the fibers. Upholstered versions were introduced by Herman Miller and many were used from the esteemed designer Alexander Girard, who designed a multitude of fabric finishes for one of his most favourite chairs, the Eames shell chair.

Individual Characteristics

The fiber shell is in great vintage condition with no cracks, chips or defects.

The Alexander Girard fabric for Herman Miller is in a great condition with no defects and no lifting.

The ‘S’ on the underside of the shell indicates it originates from Herman Miller’s Summit Plastic’s factory.

 Investment Details

Eames Shell Chairs vary from 1 to 5 stars for investment. The reasons depend on so many factors but mainly the condition, the rarity of the colour, the originality of the base, the age and of course the maker are those that determine. Excellent examples of a lovely combination such as this represent a good value investment.

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