Blue Herman Miller Original Vintage George Nelson 'Case Good' Drawers

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Product Description

These are some very rare, original, vintage, George Nelson ‘case goods’ drawers and side table set for Herman Miller finished in blue cupboards and white frames. They are some excellent examples of these iconic pieces and look fantastic, especially with their blue finish.

Designed in the 1950s, these drawers were an early version of the ‘exo-skeletal’ design which meant it was only constructed from an external frame and the drawers themselves made up the main body of the drawers. This design means the drawers are both light but very sturdy in construction and to the eye.

Individual Characteristics

Being from the 50s these drawers have seen a lot but they have stood the test of time well. These drawers have been well-loved and well used and there are signs of this. There are some scuffs and marks, but this gives them a sense of history and character of the drawers and they are in good strong condition.

Investment Value

George Nelson’s designs are much coveted, his work revolutionized and modernized furniture, helping to sculpt it into what we know and use today. Much like many designers of his day, he was able to turn his hand to many different styles of furniture and adorning accessories. These particular pieces are a part of that modernizing of furniture; their exo-skeleton design was the expectation of the day – light but very strong. Being in such good condition, this set should prove to be a very good investment.