Blue Upholstered on Black Herman Miller Original Eames DSW Side Shell Chair

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Product Description

A used, original Blue upholstered Herman Miller Eames side chair on a newer, black DSW dowel base. The blue upholstered fabric acts as a cushion which provides great comfort, making it perfect as a dining chair. A smart colour like this shade of blue is a must-have for those wanting to own an iconic Eames chair. 

This chair represents a slightly modern approach to the upholstered shells Charles and Ray designed and the vinyl finish was applied to both the side and arm shell variants and the arm version was also made available with a combination of a fabric seat with vinyl backrest and arms. The upholstered designs were constructed with the help of the famous Alexander Girard who helped design a wide variety of colours and fabrics for the Eames shells.

Individual Characteristics

This blue upholstered side chair is in good condition, with no major tear or marks on the upholstered vinyl. It will require some cleaning on the fabric, further images are available upon request. The black DSW dowel base is in good used condition. 

The ‘S’ within the circle indicates the shell originates from Herman Miller’s Summit Plastics factory.

Investment Details

Eames shell chairs vary in their investment interest depending on many factors. The main few are the age, condition, colour and origin of the shell alongside whether it is on its original base. This particular vinyl blue is an example of unique finish and, given the condition it is in, it should see a good deal of appreciation.