Brown Pair (2) Herman Miller Original Eames Ribbed EA330 ‘Meeting’ Alu Side Chairs

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Product Description

A pair of original Eames and Herman Miller ribbed aluminium meeting chairs on 5-star glide base and finished in brown vinyl make for some great conference chairs. It is a little strange to think that this style of chair began, at its conception, as both an indoor and outdoor chair. Ray and Charles were approached by Eero Saarinen to design the aluminum group to be used both indoors and outdoors and the first editions were finished in mesh to allow this durability but the Eames’s quickly changed this to, the more popular leather, and to this soft fabric finish.

This ‘Meeting’ side chair does without arms but still has the swivel capability, making it the perfect chair for any conference room or office space. The classic design is finished in a rather beautiful chocolatey brown vinyl which gives it a rather modern and unique look. The 5-star base is a later addition which has been altered to make the chair more stable whilst adding a spider-like look to it.

Individual Characteristics

This slightly later version is notable due to its being made from brown vinyl and being on a 5-star contract base. The vinyl is in good condition with only natural marks around the edges, which is consistent with age.

For its age, this is in very good condition. Some gentle cleaning of the aluminum will help bring them back to their former glory, but the metal is still sturdy and the chair still has its original feet.

The label on the underside indicates this chair is from 2008 as it is a 50th anniversary edition.

Investment Details

The aluminium range have always retained a good value, mainly helped by their original, high, starting price. This particular example is in very good condition which should help maintain that steady increase.