‘Chino’ Herman Miller Original Studio 7.5 Setu Lounge Chair And Ottoman

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Product Description

A remarkable design. A light and airy, original, Setu lounge chair and ottoman designed by Studio 7.5 for Herman Miller finished in ‘Chino’ coloured material. Studio 7.5 revolutionized the traditional ‘torsion bar’ by making the frame of the chair from polypropylene, allowing the chair to physically ‘tilt’ backwards. The chair ‘bends’ at the users will but the strong materials prevent damage.

Herman Miller joined forces with Studio 7.5 after recognizing their passion for re-thinking office and other furniture. This has resulted in a rather successful office and lounge chair range which sits proudly next to Herman Miller’s own Aeron chairs.

The ‘Kinematic Spine’ and use of weave material makes this chair feel extremely modern and allows it to cater for a wide range of environments whilst still retaining the classic ‘office chair’ look we have since come to know courtesy of the Eames Aluminum Group.

Individual Characteristics

Finished in the gorgeous ‘Chino’ finish with the ‘Graphite’ frame and ‘H-alloy’ base this is a great statement piece, especially with its matching ottoman. The chair and ottoman are in good used condition, though there may be some slight ‘laddering’ of the material on small sections of the chair/ottoman and some slight marks on the arm of the chair, but neither have affected the integrity of either – price does reflect this.

Investment Details

Studio 7.5s work is recent in terms of design history, but, it is no less inspiring or innovative. These chairs may well be available as fairly common items today, but do not be surprised if this chair becomes a future classic in its own right due to its revolutionary design.