Combination of an Evans Calico Ash Eames DTM with Evans Eames Vintage DCM Set

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Product Description

A very rare find. An early Eames square DTM-2 drop table in calico ash combined with a vintage set of 1st edition Evans Eames DCM molded plywood dining chairs. The square shape, size and calico ash colour make this table a nice and desirable piece and coupled with similar aged chairs, this is the perfect dining set.

The drop table name originated as the legs of the table 'drop' from being folded in the top when lifted. This made the table very mobile and versatile yet retaining a very solid construction. Whilst these first-generation Evans chairs are easily identifiable by their style of foot which changed to the ‘boot’ for the second generation.

Both pieces together create the perfect combination for both an investment piece and stylish dining set. Even a conversation starter!

Individual Characteristics

The table is in a really nice vintage condition with age related marks and patina, good for a 50+ year table. There is one significant mark on the top but with care this could be easily restored.

Whilst these chairs are in excellent vintage condition with all their original parts. It has achieved a distinctive patina from its long life which has given an extra depth to the colour of the wood and an aged finish to the frame.

Table Dimensions: Height 28.5 inches whilst the table surface is a total 34 square inches.

Investment Details

As with many things, the age, condition and originality of the piece greatly affects its investment value. The pinnacle of the collector’s dream, the Evans moulded plywood series are the most coveted pieces of the range due to their being the very first variants of these iconic pieces. With all of its original parts, this chair lives up to this ethos and so will be an excellent investment piece to own.

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