Evans Original Vintage Eames DCM Moulded Plywood Dining Chair

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Product Description

An excellent example of a vintage Evan’s and Eames DCM Moulded Plywood Dining chair! With its classic ‘domes of silence’, it really is a great investment piece. The first generation Evans’ chairs are easily identifiable by this style of foot which changed to the ‘boot’ for the second generation.

Evan’s were the company that helped the Eames’s with constructing the moulded plywood selection. During the Second World War these skills were used to construct splints for the navy, but once over, the Eames’s could re-focus their efforts on constructing a chair designed from a single piece of wood. Sadly, due to the limited technology to achieve this, their true dream could not be realised; however, their efforts resulted in the highly coveted DCW and LCW Chairs which later included the DCM and LCM (with metal trivalent frames).

Individual Characteristics

The chair is in great vintage condition with all of its original parts. It has achieved a distinctive patina from its long life which has given an extra depth to the colour of the wood. There are some age related marks, but this to be expected with a chair that is 80+ years old! There is some small scratching on the back rest but a gentle bit of cleaning and perhaps some slight varnish might help to remove this.

The foil label on the underside indicates this is one of the later versions of the Evan’s DCM range when Herman Miller were steadily taking over both production and marketing of the chairs.

Investment Value

As with many things, the age, condition and originality of the piece greatly affects its investment value. The pinnacle of the collector’s dream, the Evans moulded plywood series are the most coveted pieces of the range due to their being the very first variants of these iconic pieces. With all of its original parts, this chair lives up to this ethos and so will be an excellent investment piece to own.

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