Evans Original Vintage Eames LCM Moulded Plywood Lounge Chair

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Product Description

This is a very rare vintage, used Original Evan’s and Eames LCM Lounge Chair, made from Natural Plywood glued with rubber shock mounts, completed with a steel rod base. The steel rod base is unique in its shape, with a slight curve to enhance the natural slope, accommodating to user’s comfort. 

During the end of 1943, the prospect of using Plywood for aircraft and splints was adapted to domestic use, enabling Eames and Evan’s Plywood company to experiment with chairs and tables. It has achieved a distinctive patina from its long life which has given an extra depth to the colour of the wood. The distinctiveness of its design is apparent in the curved wood, which was a molding technique Eames perfected in order to mass-produce the ‘high quality, low cost’ chairs, which to this day, with regards to its age, is considered as a highly valuable vintage piece.

Individual Characteristics

The LCM lounge chair remains in excellent vintage condition, with every component still intact. The beautiful, rare Calico Ash wood has a synthetic oil finish, giving it a natural bronze glow. Some marks and scratches can be seen on the wood, as with the minor rust on the steel- however, this is expected with its age, since this was produced around the late 1940s.

The bold ‘Evans’ logo indicates this LCM lounge chair was produced in late 1946.

Investment Value

This exquisite, vintage Evans and Eames LCM lounge chair is considered a rarity, as indicated by the logo. As with many of Eames chairs, the investment value varies accordingly to the condition, rarity of the colour, the stamps and logo imprinted onto the chair and the production of the base. The pinnacle of the collector’s dream, the Evans moulded plywood series are the most coveted pieces of the range due to their being the very first variants of these iconic pieces. This chair serves as an excellent investment piece.