Green Mohair & Walnut Herman Miller Original Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman

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Product Description

A very unique version of the iconic design. This green ‘mohair’ and walnut original Eames Herman Miller Lounge Chair and Ottoman is a very novel statement piece. ‘Mohair’ fabric is a new addition to the Lounge Chair line-up; it offers a softer alternative feel to the leather whilst keeping the comfort we come to expect.

The Lounge Chair has been produced in many various finishes, creating a distinct and diverse array of choice for this ever popular statement piece. This easily adaptable nature is one of the main reasons this chair has seen constant production since its introduction in 1956 and ensures it retains its ‘modern’ feel. The latest addition of the fabric has allowed the chair to cater for the modern household and bring colour to the range offered.

Individual Characteristics

As a used later version of this coveted piece, its condition is excellent. The green fabric is in great used condition considering it is a couple of years old and the walnut wood is in a similarly great used condition.

This label on the underside indicates the Lounge Chair and Ottoman is a newer example.

Investment Value

Eames Lounge Chairs have always been highly desired. A chair that successfully combines comfort, style and class, it is easy to understand how they have seen almost constant production. Being a newer version finished in a rather unique fabric this chair should be a reasonable investment piece.

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