Greige Herman Miller Original Vintage Eames Greige DAT Desk Arm Chair

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Product Description:

A rarely seen example of an all original Eames greige DAT desk arm chair with tilt action and manual height adjustment for Herman Miller with all working parts! This lesser seen contract style base offers the castors and swivel of the PACC, but adds adjustable height and tilt the chair, just like a proper office chair!

The fiberglass shell, in its versatility, steadily saw more uses in home and work offices and thus a specific line of bases were available to meet this demand. The DAT was the original version of this base which included swivel, height adjustment and tilt functionality. It was not until 1957 that the ‘contract base’ style was adopted and used as the standard form for the ‘office chair’ bases.

The DAT was then joined by the PAC and PACC, which are variants of the same base but detracting the tilt ability from them. This is what makes this version of the chair so much more special!

Individual Characteristics

The shell is in good vintage condition, though there is a small chip on the very front of the seat section; this does not inhibit the functionality of the chair. The great colour of the shell is still strong.

The base is in good vintage condition with only natural wear present.

The single ‘H’ on the shell indicates this shell is from 1958-1959, the base could also be of a similar age too.

Investment Details

The Eames fiberglass shell series is a highly coveted and widely collected piece of design. The arm and side shells have gained worldwide interest and has helped see them be re-introduced by Herman Miller in 2013. With respects to the vintage variants, many factors can affect the investment value of the piece; its age and factory of origin, its condition and even its colour. As an excellent example of Greige DAT, this beautiful piece is an ideal collector’s piece and should be a good investment.