Grey Knoll Vintage Harry Bertoia Fiberglass Upholstered Side Chair

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Product Description

An original Knoll Harry Bertoia fiberglass variant of the wire side chair is finished with a grey hopsack fabric covering the black fiberglass shell; perfect. This combination makes for an amazing, comfortable, combination of this iconic, classic, dining side chair. This chair exemplifies the versatility of the mid-century designs since the original style of the chair, which is wildly known, was constructed completely out of metal.

The Bertoia ‘wire chair’ was part of a range of chairs Bertoia designed using the wire frame, sculpted finish, echoing from his strong interest in sculpting. This interest lead to a few products emerging which followed this style. Typical of the era, however, other designers soon produced their own variants of the similar design style (for example, the Eames DKR chair).

This particular piece demonstrates how this utilizing a new design style flowed both ways since it is finished in fiberglass with an upholstered cover. 

Individual Characteristics

The grey fabric cover is in good vintage condition considering the chairs age and so is the frame.

Investment Details

Bertoia’s work is highly coveted and his pieces can prove to be great investment pieces. The age of the chair, of course, affects the investment value of it, along with its condition and this particular item should appreciate steadily.