Herman Miller Vintage Original Eames Yellow Fiberglass DSW Dowel Base

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Product Description

This is a gorgeous brilliant yellow vintage original Eames side DSR eiffel chair for Herman Miller. Brilliant yellow was a commercial only fiberglass colour and is rarely found making this fantastic colourful shell chair even more interesting.

The Eames shell series chairs really do not need any introduction. With early prototypes beginning in the late 1940's, production began on the Eames' dream of 'chairs for the masses' in 1950 with the arm and then the sides later in 1952/53.  The original and vintage fiberglass chairs were so versatile and so modern that they only increase in popularity as the years go by. 

Fiberglass originals always have a base colour and gorgeous 'visible' fibers in the shell itself. Upholstered version were introduced by Herman Miller a little later on using fabrics and textiles designed by the esteemed designer Alexander Girard.

In a nice vintage original condition.

Individual Characteristics

in a nice vintage original condition. Of course 50+ year old shells have a patina expected with age but there are no cracks or major chips. Chair sits on a newer used DSR Eiffel base in black metal.

The crescent and star denotes the Cincinnati Milacron factory of origin.

Investment Details

Eames Shell Chairs vary from 1 to 5 stars for investment. The reasons depend on so many factors but mainly the condition, the rarity of the colour, the originality of the base, the age and of course the maker are those that determine. This shell in a brilliant yellow commercial colour is seldom seen and therefore a good investment product.

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