Black Leather Herman Miller Original Vintage Eames EA219 Soft Pad Office Chair

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Product Description

An absolutely beautiful original Eames EA219 high back soft pad management office chair in a rare 'all black' combination and soft supple black leather.

This particular aluminum chair was designed to be used directly in the office/workspace as an Executive Chair behind a big desk or conference table. The inclusion of the soft pad, black leather finish on the chairs means they are exceptionally comfortable to work from coupled with the high back rest that is curved ever so slightly differently to the ‘low back’ variants to aid sitting posture.

This chair was designed specifically for the work environment, be it home or office, and with its adjustable height, it fits comfortably under any desk space. Ray and Charles wanted the chair to be a statement piece used by the executive whilst simultaneously preventing it from being imposing and creating it to be an inviting, yet prestigious, item; much like its user.

Individual Characteristics

From the 80s, these beautiful and well-maintained chairs are still the statement pieces they were designed to be. The leather on all of the chairs is pristine vintage condition whilst the grey painted aluminum only show signs of general wear.

Investment Details

The Eames aluminum range are always strong investment pieces due to being so iconic. Being the Executive versions with full black leather, and remaining as a set, should see these chairs retaining their value easily.

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