Lemon Yellow 1st Generation Zenith Vintage Eames DAX Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

An excellent example of an Eames collector’s dream. This all-original, vintage, 1st generation Zenith Lemon Yellow DAX chair is in decent condition for its age. The shell has managed to retain some noticeable colour, remarkable for its age; whilst the original DAX base is in good condition for its age too.

One of the first colours the iconic shell chair was produced in, this chair is so iconic and is a coveted piece as a result. The distinctive rope edge and highly fibrous finish of the shell is always a good sign that the shell is a first-generation one produced by Zenith Plastics. The shell would then be finished off with large shock mounts and the famed checkerboard label.

Individual Characteristics

For an all original, 1st generation chair this is a good example. The shell has faded a little which is normal for shells of this age. There are no visible cracks and chips. 

The original DAX base is well used, a potential bit of cleaning might be worth it. It is still strong and sturdy with only very minor wear.

The rope edge and checkerboard label help indicate this is an original first generation Zenith shell.

Investment Details

Eames Side Shells are great investment pieces, but how much of an investment pieces relies upon multiple factors; the age of the shell, the rarity of the colour, the manufacturer, the originality of the base and, of course, the condition of the shell. This is a great investment piece to own. An all original first generation Zenith shell is always a great find and for it to be on an original RAR base only makes this chair more special.