Lemon Yellow 1st Generation Zenith Vintage Original Eames LAX Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

A great example of a lesser seen classic; a 1st generation Zenith Eames lemon yellow arm shell sat on its original black LAX low X base making a lounge armchair. This completely vintage, chair is a great example of the iconic design and is coupled with the rarer, stylish low X base finished in its original black paint.

Being a first generation chair, this dates back from 1953-54 evidenced by the presence of its, also rarer, half checker label. These shells are an almost second generation of the rope edge chairs in that they were a minor alteration to the shells’ ‘make-up’ although nothing about the moulding process was changed. After this, the rope-edge on the shells disappeared since the moulding tray used did away with the original rope edging they had around their edges – which gave the first generations their distinctive rope edge look.

Individual Characteristics

The shell has aged well, there are signs of ingrained aged dirt, as seen in the pictures, but this could well be removed with a good clean. There are no cracks or dents in the shell.

The original black low LAX base displays a natural patina expected with age and displays some paint loss/thinning in areas but is as sturdy as the day it was produced and adds to the chairs character.

The rope edging and half checkerboard label help indicates this is a first generation Zenith arm shell of the very sought after ‘second generation of checkerboard labels’.

Investment Details

The Eames’s shell chairs have become highly coveted pieces. Their popularity has helped ensure their continued production today. As with many things, their investment value is determined by many numerous factors, but the main ones are age, condition, originality and colour. As a great example of this vintage classic, it will prove to be a good investment piece.