Limited Edition Gold Leaf Vitra Eames Number 173/1000 Original House Bird

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Product Description 

An original example of an extremely rare limited edition Gold leaf Vitra Eames House Bird. This house bird is a limited edition of the highly iconic black Vitra house bird, a piece Vitra produced after recognizing Charles's interest in it, it was not one of Charles and Ray's own designs. 

This iconic Eames House Bird has been a subject of many modern deco for more than 50 years, inspired by American folk art.  Unlike the black House Bird, this edition uses gold leaves that were carefully applied on top of the wooden bird by a goldsmith, with a lacquer finish to add luxurious shine.

Individual Characteristics 

Only 1000 birds were manufactured with this one being Number 0173. The bird is made out of alder wood, with a layer of beautiful, gold leaf, which comes with a luxurious packaging consists of a black box, with full authentication labels and a handwritten number. 

Measurement : 8.5cm x 27.8cm x 27.6cm

Investment Value 

As there are only 1000 of these house birds manufactured, we would consider it to be a rarity, a highly valued investment especially for those who are passionate about collecting modern art. This House Bird's gold vibrancy is not for the faint of heart- its beauty will keep your guests at awe.