Navy Blue Herman Miller Original Eames Upholstered Black RAR Chair

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Product Description 

A newer version of the classic, original, Eames arm chair by Herman Miller finished in blue fabric on black shell sat upon its dark wood, used, newer, RAR base. Herman Miller have faithfully continued to produce the iconic Eames shell as standard fiberglass shells and in a wide range of upholstery finishes.

The novelty of this shell is in its use of a coloured shell; not frequently used on the vintage versions, the use of a coloured shell adds a new perspective to the chairs when combined with the massive array of upholstery finishes still available.

Individual Characteristics

The arm shell is in good used condition. It does show signs of its being used but the fabric is in great condition with no cuts or tears and the wonderfully fibrous black shell has no cracks or dents in it.

The embossed logo on the underside of the shell indicates this is a newer, re-introduced, Herman Miller shell.

Investment Value

As a newer example of the iconic Eames fiberglass arm shell its initial investment value is low. but it may well steadily increase over time.