Orange 1st Gen Zenith Vintage Original Eames PAW Swivel Arm Chair

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Product Description

The rarest find in the Eames series, this all original, vintage, orange rope-edge Eames PAW swivel dining arm chair for Zenith is the collector’s piece to have! The sheer rarity of the dowel base is unparalleled; the dowel base with the addition of Seng swivel section, is even rarer still!

The very limited time-frame for the dowel base meant they only saw the first generations of the Eames shells before being discontinued which is what makes them exceptional collector’s pieces. The elegant construction, however, has remained a firm favourite with consumers even today, which has prompted Herman Miller and Vitra to re-introduce the bases.

It is genuinely remarkable how, for such a short time that the dowel base was available for, it has become so iconic, but this is what helped propel the Eames chairs into many homes, schools, offices, churches and so on throughout the US and the UK and European market.

Individual Characteristics

The original zenith shell is in a good vintage condition. The beautiful natural aging of the orange shell has given it a gentle fading that makes it look warm and gently used but not too much. There is some aged dirt on the shell but some of this may well be removed through a good clean.

The remnants of the label, the large mounts and the rope edging all indicate this is a first generation Zenith arm shell.

The ‘Seng’ stamp on the underside of the base confirms its authenticity.

Investment Details

The Zenith production shells are the most highly sought-after of the Eames shell series and, of course, their condition and even colour can affect how well they appreciate. The other major part that affects this is the originality of the base and, being a completely original PAW swivel chair; this will be an excellent investment piece.