Orange 2nd Gen Zenith Original Vintage Eames MAX Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

An all original example of an orange Eames Zenith Plastics MAX lounge arm chair with its wondrously fibrous finish makes for the perfect, classic, lounge chair! The MAX was the second of the ‘X’ base options offered in the Eames series, superseding the SAX and lower LAX base and making the medium height chair base.

The X base was the earliest offering by Zenith for the Eames fiberglass shell series and it helped them achieve great popularity by offering the versatility the chairs were famed for by offering three different heights allowing the chair to be used as a lounge chair, an armchair and a dining chair.

Individual Characteristics

The shell has aged well. It has faded to a gentle salmon, giving it that unique feel that all orange salmon shells gain over time. It has no cracks or dents in it and it looks great!

The original MAX base is in good vintage condition too with only some natural signs of wear.

The large shock mounts on the underside of the shell is indicative of this being a 2nd generation zenith arm shell.

Investment Details

The investment value of Eames shells depends on so many varying factors. The age, condition, colour and even originality of the base can all help determine the investment value of the shell. Orange is a slightly more common version of the iconic shell, but coupled with the original MAX base, this 2nd generation Zenith chair should be a reasonable investment piece.