Orange Herman Miller Original Eames RAR Rocking Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

This is an original, used orange Herman Miller Eames RAR arm shell chair, with a wired walnut RAR base. The bright orange shell with visible fibers sits perfectly on top of the black wired RAR walnut base, completing this iconic rocking chair that’s been a favorite amongst homeowners for generations.  In addition, this chair’s vibrancy in its tangerine orange shell makes this a fantastic decorative piece that also gives functionality and stability to your relaxing evening.

Differ from the 1950s first-generation Arm shell chair, Herman Miller adjusted the base of the second-generation design by extending the height of the front rods, making it taller and away from the user’s leg, which was the main flaw of the first-generation design. Ultimately, this rocking arm shell chair is an eccentric, timeless piece that is highly sought after.

Individual Characteristics

This Herman Miller Eames RAR arm shell chair is a vintage piece, which requires some maintenance work, but overall it is still in a very good condition. There are a few scratches and marks on the used shell, however, the RAR base remains sturdy, making this a perfect vintage rocking chair to add to your collection.

This chair includes a patent label, and the combination of Herman Miller stamp and Summit ‘S’ stamp indicates that it was produced in between 1959-1989. 

Investment Value

Eames shell chairs’ investment values vary accordingly to the condition, the rarity of the colours , the stamps and logo imprinted onto the chair and the production of the base. The stamps found underneath the seat implies that this Herman Miller Eames arm shell is an older generation, as well as the lively shade of orange overall,  makes this chair a worth-while investment.