Orange Herman Miller Original Eames RAR Rocking Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

A distinctive aged original Eames orange arm RAR shell chair for Herman Miller on its used, light ash, RAR rocking base looks fantastic with its unique patina. This orange shell has faded in its own unique way but has gained a distinct and unique patina which is only achievable by being a vintage orange shell.

The shell chair saw much success mainly through its adaptability and almost indestructible design. The introduction of a range of colours and, a little later on, upholstered options, ensured their popularity grew. This popularity maintained until the 80s, but since then has seen a resurgence.

Individual Characteristics

The orange shell has aged in its long time, but still this has provided it with a character bolstered by its unique patina. There are no cracks or dents.

The double triangle indicates this shell was produced using Herman Miller’s mould from its GATC factory and the 'S' within the circle indicates it was the beginning of Summit Plastics term of production.

Investment Details

The investment value of Eames shells depends on so many varying factors. The age, condition, colour and even originality of the base can all help determine the investment value of the shell. Orange is a slightly more common version of the iconic shell, but with the distinctive patina of this particular chair, the investment value should rise steadily.