Orange Herman Miller Original Vintage Eames DAX Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

An all original example of an orange Eames Herman Miller DAX dining arm chair with its wondrously fibrous finish makes for the perfect, classic, dining chair! The DAX was one of the first iterations of the Eames fiberglass chair series and remained a popular choice up until they stopped production in 1989.

Orange was also one of the first colours offered in the series and it too saw strong popularity throughout the life-span of the fiberglass shells, and the long life-span of them has helped seen them all develop their own individual personalities and character through the way they have aged.

Commonly mistaken for a different colour, many early orange shells faded to a ‘salmon’ colour; which prompted them being called ‘salmon orange’ when they were in fact just faded ‘red-orange’ shells. This fading, however, does not detract from the beauty of these shells which, as a result, become very unique in their own manner due to how differently each shell can, sometimes, fade.

Individual Characteristics

The shell has aged well. It has not faded too badly, still retaining a strong colour which gives it a distinctive feel and is in great vintage condition.

The original DAX base is in good vintage condition too with only some natural signs of wear.

The three dots on the underside of the shell indicate it was produced in the brief period 3M produced the shells for Herman Miller between 1955 and 1957.

Investment Details

The investment value of Eames shells depends on so many varying factors. The age, condition, colour and even originality of the base can all help determine the investment value of the shell. Orange is a slightly more common version of the iconic shell, but coupled with the original DAX base, this chair should be a reasonable investment piece.