Parchment Herman Miller Vintage Original Eames DAX Arm Chair

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Product Description

An example of a used, original Parchment Herman Miller Eames Fibreglass shell, on a used chrome DAX base. This creamy parchment shade paired with the complimentary chrome base makes an excellent choice for a modernised home. For a shell that was manufactured in the 60s, it is still in a remarkable condition.

The second generation of shells only saw the change in the moulding process. No longer was the rope edged mould used, instead it was changed to the smoother mould that was used consistently from that point. This meant the rope-edged marks on the side of the shell disappeared and it became more like the shell Charles envisioned when he designed the fibreglass shell.

Individual Characteristics

This parchment shell is in good shape for its vintage age, with no major noticeable marks or scratches. The shell has retained its colour, although the seat has got a slight fade to it. This vintage shell is from the 60s, Further images are available upon request. 

The chrome H base will require some cleaning, but otherwise, it is in good working condition. 

Investment Details

The Eames’s shell chairs have become highly coveted pieces. Their popularity has helped ensure their continued production today. As with many things, their investment value is determined by many numerous factors, but the main ones are age, condition, originality and colour. A classic piece at such an affordable price, you won't find this elsewhere!