Pink Herman Miller Original Eames White Plastic DAW Dining Arm Chair

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Product Description

A great example of an all original Herman Miller Eames white plastic shell chair with pink fabric by Alexander Girard on its used, newer, maple DAW dowel base. This is a gorgeous version of the iconic chair. The use of the newer material, plastic, makes the chair slightly lighter whilst still making it strong.

The arm shell was the first of the molded fiberglass chairs Charles and Ray perfected and, with the help of Herman Miller, it saw amazing commercial success. The shells were produced alongside a wide variety of bases, ensuring the versatility of the chair was achievable. The base this particular chair is on was one of the Eames’s earliest options for their chairs and works well within the home or office environment.

Individual Characteristics

For an ex-display model this is in great condition. The upholstery is not lifting and there are no cracks or dents in the plastic shell.

The original base does show some signs of being used, but is still strong and sturdy and still looks good.

The embossed logo on the underside of the shell indicates this is a newer example of the classic Eames DAW chair.

Investment Details

Eames shell chairs widely range in respects of being investment prospects. The age of the shell coupled with its condition greatly affect this alongside the colour, the factory of origin and whether or not it comes with its original base. As a newer piece it should gradually see some investment interest due to the wonderful combination it boasts.

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