Light Purple Herman Miller Original Eames Black RAR Rocking Arm Chair

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Product Description

A vintage, original example of an Eames purple upholstered arm shell chair by Alexander Girard for Herman Miller coupled with a newer, used walnut RAR base. The light purple finish compliments the stark black shell resulting in a classic look; furthered by the deep texture of the RAR base.

The arm shell was the first of the molded fiberglass chairs Charles and Ray perfected and, with the help of Herman Miller, it saw amazing commercial success. The shells were produced alongside a wide variety of bases, ensuring the versatility of the chair was achievable. The base this particular chair is on was one of the Eames’s earliest options for their chairs and works well within the home or office environment.

Individual Characteristics

The vinyl covering does exhibit signs of age, and is very good for its age though may show one or two very small markings and the edging may be starting to come away slightly on the back, though this is only very slight. The black shell has stood the test of time well displaying no cracks or dents.

The double triangle logo dictates this shell was produced either through GATC, the factory used before Herman Miller turned to Summit Plastics and Cincinnati Milacron or is by Summit Plastics using GATC's mold - which places it as an early Summit Plastics shell. 

Investment Details

Eames shell chairs widely range in respects of being investment prospects. The age of the shell coupled with its condition greatly affect this alongside the colour, the factory of origin and whether or not it comes with its original base. This aged example may not be an excellent investment piece but it will prove to be a good usable chair that should see some slow, gradual investment appreciation over time.