Purple Black Herman Miller Original Vintage Greige Eames RAR Rocking Chair

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Product Description

A wonderfully restored vintage greige Eames Herman Miller arm shell with original Alex Girard purple and black checker fabric on newer, used, RAR rocking base. The shell sits on a used, newer, RAR rocking base, complementing the rich colours with its deep wood tone creating a stunning version of this iconic design.

The shell chair saw much success mainly through its adaptability and almost indestructible design. The introduction of a range of colours and, a little later on, upholstered options, ensured their popularity grew. This popularity maintained until the 80s, but since then has seen a resurgence.

Individual Characteristics

This is a great example of a very unique finish. The greige shell is in good vintage condition with no cracks or dents and the renewed fabric is in good condition too with no cuts or tears.

The ‘S’ in the circle indicates the shell was produced in the Summit Plastic’s factory used by Herman Miller.

Investment Value

An Eames shells is a coveted piece. A simultaneous artistic piece whilst being an ergonomic design has helped maintain their interest. Of course, factors such as age, condition and even colour can affect how much interest these pieces gain with original Zenith pieces commanding a respectable price. A rather novel version such as this should prove to be a good investment piece.

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