Red Aniline Herman Miller Original Eames DCW Wooden Dining Chair

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Product Description

A modern take to a vintage classic. This beautiful Eames DCW Dining Chair Wooden has been finished in its original Herman Miller factory aniline red. This eye-catching colour gives a vibrant finish to this classic piece whilst simultaneously retaining the wood grain these chairs are famed for.

The moulded plywood chair was the Eames’s true dream. The version they created, whilst absolutely stunning and much loved, was not their initial aim. Instead they dreamed of constructing a chair whose shell was made from 1 piece of moulded wood. After years of designing, but with no way of achieving this, the LCW chair appeared in 1947/48, produced by Evans. A revolutionary chair, it did not gain massive interest straight away, but once displayed in New York the chair became highly sought-after.

The success of the chair encouraged the DCW variant to be born, the Dining Chair Wooden, and also the LCM and DCM, or Lounge Chair Metal frame and Dining Chair Metal frame.

Individual Characteristics

As a used more modern version of this iconic chair, the chair has quite a few signs of its use across the seat top and on the legs. Some of the plywood does display chips. It has been well used and does reflect this, as does the price.

The black label on the underside informs us the chair is a newer example from Herman Miller.

Investment Value

The Eames plywood chairs have been highly coveted for many years, with original Evan’s produced chairs commanding a high asking price. Being newer, this chair is a reasonable investment which should see steady interest over time.

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