Red Aniline Vitra Original Eames Kids Plywood ‘Nested Chair’

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Product Description

This is a re-released, original, version of the Eames kids ‘Nested Plywood Chair’ finished in aniline red which was produced by Vitra in 2004 in limited numbers. The first plywood chair by the Eames’s was the original Kids ‘Nested Chair’ back in 1945 by the Evan’s Company. So few were produced, they are very rare!

Utilising the techniques learnt from the war, the Eames Office were able to convince the Evan’s Molded Plywood Company to begin producing furniture and the kids ‘Nested’ collection; featuring a chair, stool and table, were the first fruits of this effort.

Sadly, the collection did not take off and only a very limited number of pieces were produced; however, with the techniques learnt, the Eames Office was able to produce the LCW and, slightly later, DCW, which did manage commercial success.

Individual Characteristics

As a used piece the chair is in very good condition. It does show some small signs of its age but overall it has been very well looked after.

The Vitra label on the underside indicates this is a newer re-released version of this iconic little chair.

Investment Value

The Eames plywood collection is a highly coveted collection and none more so than the original, vintage, version of this particular chair. As a re-released example, of limited numbers, this little chair should still prove to be a good investment piece.

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