Red Fabric Herman Miller Original Eames EA416 ‘Soft Pad’ Lounge Alu Chair

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Product Description

A deep red fabric original Eames ‘Soft Pad’ EA416 Aluminum Lounge Chair for Herman Miller is a little aged but with some love it will be a statement piece again! The ‘Soft Pad’ aluminum lounge chair is one of the iconic Eames designs that has seen constant production by Herman Miller and it is easy to understand why! With its still modern feel, this chair is a great ‘small’ lounge chair that does not take up too much space, swivels and features the deep comfort of the thick foamed cushions.

The Aluminum range from the Eames Office were a truly impactful design. Versions of the chairs are still used in many offices across the globe and the lounge style chair proves to be just as popular. With the introduction of the ‘Soft Pad’ series a good few years after the first Aluminum chairs were produced, the range has seen a steady dominance within the office based furniture division.

Individual Characteristics

The chair has seen a long life and needs some good care and attention to bring it back to life again, but as a project, it is excellent. The cushions need to be re-filled and the upholstery can do with a good clean but it shows no rips or tears; there is a foot missing, but the frame is still sturdy and strong and the chair is still straight. The price for this piece reflects its condition and further pictures are available upon request.

The chair is dated 1978 and has the original Herman Miller patent embossed stamp on the underside of the frame.

Investment Details

There is no denying this Eames piece has seen a hard life and it won’t prove to be a good appreciation piece in its current condition, but, with the care and attention it requires it can prove to be so.