Red Fabric Pair (2) Herman Miller Original Eames Upholstered DSW White Side Shell Chairs

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Product Description

A pair of original Herman Miller white Eames DSW side shells combined with Alexander Girard red fabric and cream edging creates spectacular chairs. Available on their own these striking chairs will look perfect in any living, dining or office environment, especially with the dark wood of their DSW bases, exemplifying the versatility of these iconic chairs.

The upholstered shell chair was introduced as a later addition to the standard fiberglass shells and utilized the design expertise of Alexander Girard, who managed the design department of Herman Miller’s company. His inspirational and innovative approach led to many variations of upholstered shells being produced, from the use of different colour shells to the fabrics and combinations he used. For these particular examples, the ever classic combination of white and red has been expertly fused with the help of the creamy white edging to create another variation of the iconic chair.   

Individual Characteristics

Overall, the shells and fabric finish are in very good condition, they will benefit from a clean, but the condition of the shells is excellent with no signs of cracks, chips or tears.

The ‘S’ within the circle indicates the shell originates from Herman Millers’ Summit Prime Factory.

Investment Details

These particular Eames Shells are in great condition and with their striking combination should steadily see interest increase. Eames shells have so many variable factors affecting their viable investment value that over time new aspects may be considered which helps accelerate the investment value of the shells. Understandably, the main factors such as age, condition and even the colour of the shell will always be the first aspects, but over time, all the shells should gain interest due to their being such iconic pieces.