Santos Herman Miller Original Eames Black Frame LCW Moulded Plywood Chair

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Product Description

The chair the Eames’s became famous for just got better. This original example of Herman Miller’s moulded plywood ‘Lounge Chair Wooden’, or LCW, is stunning with its sumptuous santos wood back and seat panels on rather unique, factory finished, black frame. This is a fantastic, used, newer version offered by Herman Miller in this rather novel ‘two-tone’ finish which looks amazing!

One of the earliest dreams the Eames’s had was to design and build a chair out of 1 piece of moulded wood. Due to the nature of wood, this proved difficult, however, their hard work resulted in arguably one of the most comfortable dining chairs around constructed from wood.

Made available in a Dining Chair format too, these chairs saw much success. So much so the Eames’s produced the chairs with a trivalent metal frame too, known as DCMs, or Dining Chair Metal, and LCM, Lounge Chair Metal which utilized the moulded wooden seat and back rests.

This version is a newer variant introduced by Herman Miller adding to the range available and is finished in a gorgeous santos wood finish, which displays a sumptuous grain pattern in a gorgeous redish tinged wood creating a real statement piece for any home.

Individual Characteristics

Being a newer example this LCW is in great condition with no chips or cracks.

The santos finish is superb, as is the black finished legs, which you would expect for a Herman Miller product.

The label on the underside of the chair indicates this is a newer version of the iconic LCW chair.

Investment Value

The Eames Plywood range are much coveted pieces. Original Evan’s produced chairs, the original producer of these chairs, can ask a very high price. As is the case with these types of products, investment value is determined by many various factors; age, condition, factory of origin and even the colour can all help determine the pieces’ value. This being a newer example means its’ investment value is lower than a vintage chair, but over time, this gorgeous example should gain some steady interest, especially due to the stunning finish of its’ wood.

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