Seafoam Herman Miller Vintage Original Eames RAR Rocking Arm Chair

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Product Description

An excellent example of a used, original vintage 1960s Seafoam Herman Miller Eames arm shell, on a very stable and natural walnut wood RAR rocking base. Being one of the original 6 fibreglass colours, seafoam armchair is one of the most popular and highly sought after colour, with many sold almost instantly in the past, and this one is no exception. 

Herman Miller moved production of the Eames shells to its Venice factory when they bought out Zenith Plastics to combine the financial and production means of creating the iconic shells. The factory soon became the Eames’s own workshop, producing many various artistic pieces including the Powers of Ten film. Ultimately, this rocking arm shell chair is an eccentric, timeless piece that is highly sought after.

 Individual Characteristics

This seafoam rocking armchair is in brilliant condition; the colour of the shell may have faded over time, but it doesn't display any major cracks or marks. The usage adds to its vintage quality, and the walnut rocking base is newer, providing excellent stability. 

The newer used walnut RAR base is very sturdy and stable and will support your weight when rocking. Further images are available upon request. 

The Herman Miller Silver medal suggests that it is manufactured between 1955-1965

 Investment Details

The Eames’s work is highly coveted. From their artwork to their furniture, their work attracts interest from everywhere. The shells are a great investment piece, especially vintage ones. Like many things, their age, factory of origin and even colour can affect the shells’ value. This seafoam fibreglass RAR rocking chair is considered as highly desirable and an incredibly valuable investment piece that will only increase in value.