Seafoam Light Herman Miller Vintage Eames Original DSW Dining Chair

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Product Description

This is a used, Original Vintage Seafoam Herman Miller Eames side shell chair, complete with a gorgeous newer used wooden walnut DSW dowel base. This seafoam shell is lighter and of a more subtle shade, an airy and iconic colour perfect as dining chairs.

One of the original colours Charles and Ray used when producing these chairs, this style of the chair needs little introduction. This colour dates back to the origin of these shells in 1952/53 and still remains to be a very popular, and much desirable shell to own, truly highlighting the versatility of these chairs.

Original fiberglass shells are defined by their base colour which shows the vibrant fibers contained within the shell. This version of the Seafoam chair displays this perfectly. 

Individual Characteristics

This seafoam shell is in near-perfect condition and appears to have no major marks or scratches, and the newer used walnut DSW dowel base is fully functional and supportive. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE ACTUAL CHAIR IS SLIGHTLY LIGHTER THAN THE ONE PICTURED- further images are available upon request.  

Investment Details

Eames Side Shells are great investment pieces, but how much of an investment piece relies upon multiple factors; the age of the shell, the rarity of the colour, the manufacturer, the originality of the base and, of course, the condition of the shell. With this piece being a very good condition of the Seafoam version, its investment value is reasonable.