Seafoam Vitra Original Eames DSW Dining Side Shell Chair

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Product Description

The most coveted colour for Eames shell chairs, Seafoam is gorgeous and this original Vitra fiberglass one is no exception on its used, newer, walnut DSW base. Coupled with this walnut DSW dowel base; this chair is the epitome of the timeless and classic piece of designer furniture which has now seen a revival.

Fiberglass was dropped when the shells saw their least popular time, which was in the 1980s. Herman Miller reintroduced production of them out of fiberglass in 2013 whilst Vitra produced them in Polypropylene plastic, that is, until the end of last year.

The classic look of the fibrous finish definitely adds further texture to the strong colour and, being in one of the most popular colours, this is a great chair to own.

Individual Characteristics

As a newer, used, piece, the condition is very good. The colour is wonderfully deep and there are no dents or cracks.

The Vitra stamp and label confirm their being Vitra produced pieces.

Investment Details

The Eames fiberglass series is one of the most recognizable and iconic designs and they are very popular collector’s pieces. The original vintage versions, especially in Seafoam, are very sought after pieces. As a newer version, this may not be an immediate investment prospect, but, it should not lose its value.

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