Tan Herman Miller Original Vintage Leather Eames ES-106 Chaise

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Product Description

A rather unique piece by the Eames office; this original vintage 'ES-106 Chaise' for Herman Miller was made with only one purpose in mind, to have a power-nap. This particular version is finished in gorgeous tan leather which is draped over the iconic ‘Egg-Plant’ deep purple finished frame.

Famously produced with Billy Wilder in mind, the Chaise measures only 17 ½” in width meaning that the user can lie on it but cannot rest their arms next to themselves. The idea being that, when the user wishes to use the Chaise they lie on their backs with their arms resting upon themselves, as they fall into a deeper sleep, their arms will slide off themselves waking them up.

This is one of the only items designed by the office which had a single use idea in mind. Many of the products produced, even the sofas, could be used in a wide variety of spaces and places, whilst the ES-106 Chaise is purpose built for a short power nap.

Individual Characteristics

This particular piece dates back to the 80s and is in good condition considering its age. The two cushions included are good with no cuts or tears and the main cushions are the same.

The frame does show signs of its age but only in terms of general wear. The deep purple colour is still looking great today.

The black Herman Miller label indicates this is from the early 80s.

Investment Value

Herman Miller have continued to produce this piece since it was first introduced in 1968. A luxury piece, its initial price reflected this, but it has still proven to be sought after due to its origin story. This love has meant that original vintage versions are becoming more and more coveted and this particular piece is a great example of a very collectable piece.

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