Teak G-Plan Original Vintage Wilkins Astro Oval Coffee Table

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Product Description

A Danish inspired creation; this original, vintage, Wilkins glass and teak Astro oval coffee table for G-Plan looks airy and yet sturdy with its elegant design. G-Plan is a well-known brand in the British and European home and it is easy to see why with its Scandinavian inspiration it still looks modern today!

Arriving in the early 60s, this coffee table was one of many products offered for the home around this time and helped propel G-Plan into the modern home furnishing company region. The inclusion of prolific designers from Britain and throughout Europe helped create a truly diverse array of offerings for the home and even for the office environment.

Individual Characteristics

The glass top of the table has been replaced over time but has been perfectly remade to fit the unique shape of the wooden base. The teak wood base is completely original and does show signs of its age.

Table measures 122.50 length x 66cm wide x 42cm high

Investment Details

G-Plan produced a vast array of furnishings for the home and office. Their products are quite commonly found still today. As with any vintage item, the investment value is determined by many factors. The condition, age, originality and general rarity can all play a factor. This particular table, though with a renewed glass top, should still prove to be a good investment piece.