Textiles And Ornamental Arts Of India - Original 16mm 1955 Film By Charles Eames

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Product Description


This original 1955 film by Charles Eames was essentially a filmed record of an exhibition by close family friend Alexander Girard at the Museum Of Modern Art in New York.  The subject wasas the title suggests, ornaments and textiles of India.

The film was a turning point for Charles and Ray and was important in their life long documented love of Indian Culture. It was therefore a film very personal to Charles and his interest in Girard's exhibition was captured to perfection on this work.


Individual Characteristics

This vintage Eames 16mm film comes in its original container and both are in super and usable condition.

Investment Details

Finding original film reels of Charles Eames films is very rare and the condition of this excellent and historical picture makes it a super investment and very interesting collectible piece.