Turquoise Herman Miller Vintage Eames Upholstered RAR Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

This original turquoise vinyl upholstered Eames arm shell chair for Herman Miller is on a used, newer, light wood RAR rocker. It truly is a rather special find. The original naugahyde vinyl finish designed by Alex Girard adds a splash of colour which is complimented by the light wood of the, RAR rocking base.

The arm shell was the first of the molded fiberglass chairs Charles and Ray perfected and, with the help of Herman Miller, it saw amazing commercial success. The shells were produced with a wide variety of bases, ensuring the versatility of the chair was achievable. The head of Herman Miller’s design department, Alexander Girard, was approached to design upholstered finishes for both the side and arm shells; he produced a vast range of choices with different colours and fabric/vinyl finishes to choose from.

Individual Characteristics

The turquoise upholstery is original and in good but well used vintage condition. A clean should help its appearance, but it does display some small cuts and some small burn marks in the vinyl but this does not inhibit its usability and the edging is coming off slightly on one corner. The price does reflect this. The white shell is in good condition too with no dents or scratches.

The used RAR base is in good used condition.

The ‘C’ with the star indicates this shell originates from Herman Miller’s Cincinnati factory.

Investment Details

Eames shell chairs widely range in respects of being investment prospects. The age of the shell coupled with its condition greatly affect this alongside the colour, the factory of origin and whether or not it comes with its original base. Being an excellent example of an original upholstered chair, this should be a reasonable investment piece.

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