Venice Seafoam 3rd Generation Zenith Vintage Eames DAX Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description:

An example of a very elegant, used original Zenith Rope Edge Seafoam shells with luxurious Patina RAR base. Despite being a second-generation zenith arm shell, the beautiful seafoam shells remain vibrant in its colour, and the black, sturdy DAX base provides all the support you need for a relaxing evening.

Differ from the 1950s first-generation Arm shell chair, Herman Miller adjusted the base of the second-generation design by extending the height of the front rods, making it taller and away from the user’s leg, which was the main flaw of the first-generation design. The arm tops were the first of the shell chairs to be designed by Charles and Ray with prototypes beginning in the late 1940s. Ultimately, this rocking arm shell chair is an eccentric, timeless piece that is highly sought after.

Individual Characteristics

The rarity of this chair stems from the full label; the red Herman Miller is an indication that this armchair was manufactured during 1954-1955 in the Eames office in Santa Monica, also known as ‘Venice label’. This adds significant value to the chair, combined with its excellent condition, making this chair a very rare vintage piece. The shell has aged well, with very small minor scratches-further images are available upon request.

Investment Details

The Eames’s shell chairs have become highly coveted pieces. Their popularity has helped ensure their continued production today. As with many things, their investment value is determined by many numerous factors, but the main ones are age, condition, originality, and colour. This rare vintage classic will prove to be a fantastic investment, considering its top condition.